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Salez Toolz is a sales intelligent software that sets a new standard, by
seamlessly presenting solutions, building budgets, and quickly closing sales.

Through visually engaging pictures and symbol-rich icons,
customers approve the budget and sign-off, right on your tablet.

Results are shorter sales-cycles, higher close rates and increased profitability.


Create your product and service packages with our easy to use set up. Select themes and pull data from our library and you are ready to sell.


Present and “WOW” customers with visually engaging pictures while the budget up-dates in real time, effortlessly navigating the packages at your finger tips.


Close the sale with the customer with an agreed budget, capturing the signature and collecting a deposit, all on one tablet, in the first meeting.

Salez Toolz Sets A New Standard

Salez Toolz seamlessly presents solutions, builds budgets, and quickly closes sales. Our unique process guides the salesperson through their presentation, as they navigate the product packages for the customer. The experience for the customer is appealing, understandable and informative, and they readily become buyers, approving the budget, signing the contract with a deposit on the same device, on the spot.

Check out Salez Toolz APEX, with even more functionality and new features that incorporate advanced technology into the sales process.

CALL TODAY and find out how you can elevate your sales to a new high.


What makes Salez Toolz so unique?

What makes Salez Toolz unique is its “Forward facing” design, in other words Salez Toolz was meant to face your customer.  Product icons were thoughtfully chosen to quickly identify product types, visually engaging Product images help your customer imagine how your solution will fit their lifestyle and a summarized price helps to differentiate and establish value giving customers the information they need to make a buying decision. 

Together these features create the Salez Toolz APEX experience.


The app runs independent from the internet, ensuring that your presentation and sale will be free of interruptions.

Average learning time is 30-60 minutes supported with Instructions, QuickGuides, Sample Data and free Webinars.

Yes, you have the ability to add any products or images. We recommend you to include your own project pictures to customize your presentation.

Simply enter the package names for your product mix, descriptions, pricing and select or import pictures, and you are ready to sell.

Our Sales Package gives you everything you need; (1) Workstation app, (1) Mobile App and the Cloud Server.

Salez Toolz allows you to create and save hundreds of product combinations each with their own pricing.

Plans & Pricing

APEX Sales Package
Click Here

 Complete suite of software allows
you to create content on your
Workstation, post it to your
Cloud Server and then download
to your tablet. Cloud Access is
billed monthly at $29.95 giving
users (Qty. 5) upload/download,
storage & updates.

INCLUDES: Mobile App (Qty. 1)
Workstation App (Qty. 1)
Cloud Server (Qty. 1)

Click Here


PC or MAC Desktop

PC or MAC Laptop

Required for full editing

Can be used to sell on-line

Click Here


Mobile App. (Qty. 1)

Increase sales by
adding mobile apps.

Great for expanding
sales force &
virtual showroom.

Upgrade to APEX
Click Here

Want more features on

Upgrade to APEX!

Price is per license.


What Others say About Us

  • If you spend a week working the Salez Toolz packages, the rest of the year is yours. I now have time to spend with my family.

    Chris Bailey, Integrated Lifestyles
  • Salez Toolz has saved our company a significant amount of time previously wasted on creating proposals.

    Jeff Robinson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Denmark Systems
  • Salez Toolz makes it easy on our Sales staff to learn new products, and helps insure that they are presenting all of what we offer.

    Henry Clifford, Owner, Livewire
  • On my second presentation with Salez Toolz I landed a job that paid for the investment. I quote the General Contractor on the project: “We chose you because of the iPad presentation and the fact that we knew what we were getting”.

    Greg Ludwig, Bear Technology Inc.
  • Salez Toolz has contributed tremendously to our bottom line: Budgets are established and proposals presented in a fraction of the time. The client sees a professional presentation right in their home by way of the Salez Toolz interface; setting us apart from the competition. The best result? An incredible increase in closing ratios.

    Stephen Weber, Systems Integration Manager, Encore Audio/Video


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Automating RMR Billing & Payments
November TBD
Generating Reports for
Job-Costing / Future Revenues / Cost of Completion

Salez Toolz Team

Created by Abacus Prime, LLC in 2004, the SALEZTOOLZ team is comprised of experts in software, sales, custom design, and business consulting. We focus on the creation and delivery of software technology that helps businesses achieve greater success.

2014 CEPro BEST Software Winner