July 24, 2014

Cloud Computing set free

Salez Toolz sales and budgeting application works without an internet connection, but can access the power of the cloud from anywhere in the world.  Keeping you in touch with your office and sales force.  Easy to use, simple for a client to say yes to your products or services.

The Digital Showroom goes anywhere you go, in the field, to a clients home or office.The iPad App is ready at a moments notice to showcase your services and Products.

  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Flatscreen displays

Show Multiple Options, offer your clients pre-defined choices to build a Custom Product.

Control what's sold and for how much with everything being offered and presented just the way you want.  Train your salespeople to always sell the "Best of Class" at any price point.

Make the Sale, Control margin and profit, manage your Sales Force, make more sales in less time.

  • Offer a consistent yet custom product
  • Discover and Generate a Budget in first meeting
  • Close the Sale

Present Products and Services in an electronic format that can be updated easily and instantly.

Create custom "Datasets" that can represent offerings from type of project to size or price.  Software comes with preloaded templates and more can be downloaded by logging into our server and choosing from systems and products that best fit your products and business.

Whether you are sharing files and information around the office, around town or around the world, Salez Toolz makes it happen.

Salez Toolz new Data store will supply new datasets, graphics templates and product information by working with our Manufacturer Alliance to build the systems you want to present and sell to your clients.


Salez Toolz Latest Generation - Apex

APEX, the next generation of Salez Toolz©, builds on the success of creating on the spot Budgets and takes it across all platforms.  Works native to the iPad, Droid, PC or MAC then utilizes the Cloud to exchange and track information.  It doesn’t live in the Cloud, Apex harnesses it’s power.


APEX adds the “By Room—By System” navigation panel that identifies the room name and System then takes a Picture and allows for Installation notes to be spoken and saved as text.  Finish with “Design View” giving you the ability to drag icons onto a floor plan making the handoff to Operations all the easier.

Pro-Services Group

PRO-Services Group

PRO-Services Group expedites the implementation of your Salez Toolz software giving your salespeople the information they need to begin selling.

Our PRO-Services group will interview your team and help you identify your primary Product and Service offerings then create “Packages” which assist your Salesperson present and your customer visualize.

These packages include;

· Product or Service image(s) or graphic representation

· Lifestyle picture and/or background graphic

· Top features list (almost putting words onto your Salesperson’s lips)

· Consumer friendly marketing description (which also appears on the customer’s report)

Services also includes the layout, assignment of Icons and posting to your Salez Toolz Cloud Server to be downloaded onto any and all your Salez Toolz locations.

Pricing is as affordable as all of our products ranging from $25 to $60 a package depending on the quantity. Contact PRO-Services directly at PRO-Services@SalezToolz.com to discuss your company’s product and services. We look forward to providing you with this new service which we’re confident will assist your team increase sales.


"If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect"

Benjamin Franklin


Salez Toolz iPad app

Tablets are becoming the primary tool for many small businesses, from touch panels to email it has become the goto device.  Make it work for you...

Click on the image below to watch our video, Look for the new APEX Version in June, I know, we can't wait either.


Present Your Products and Services


Common to all versions of Salez Toolz is the ability to show a list of your company’s product categories.  For example if you are an Audio Video contractor you might have Home Theater, Distributed Audio, Structured Wiring, Lighting Control, Vacuum, etc.  As the Product Category is selected it brings up a set of icons that list the products & services you offer as individual items, packages or systems (inclusive of labor & materials).  This style of presentation makes it easy for your customer to understand the big picture rather than a shopping list of parts.

Virtual Sales People




Install copies of your Salez Toolz at Design Centers, Showrooms, Sales Reps and Model Homes or anywhere encouraging casual interest may turn into qualified sales leads.  Salez Toolz is so fun and easy to use.  Anyone can operate it with little instruction.  Client information can be entered directly into the program and saved back to the Salez Toolz Matrix Server.

Imagine starting your week with sales leads that came into your Salez Toolz Matrix Server over the weekend!  In addition these leads have already qualified the type of systems and budget.  Encourage your Builder, Real Estate Broker, Interior Designer, Electrician, and Architect to refer the sale with a small fee and watch the sales leads come rolling in!